Kimoyo Theme Has to be Changed

November 7, 2008

And you know what?
This is unbelievable…but yes, i have to change penalette‘s theme. Huhuhu…
That’s becoz of; after bang hen upload the kimoyo theme, he did’nt fill or making change to the entries or anything that has to be added or change. You can see the screenshoot of kimoyo themes that i made before. You can see, there are much space still have a temporarly text, like about, product, service etc. After 2 or more days, I asked bang hen to complete the content for penalette’s site. But when we saw the site, we have same opinion. Coz we saw the site and at the same time we made comparison with other site. We feel that the site, I mean the theme is too ‘blue’. The color is’nt bright enough to transfer soul and spirit to the client to browse the site.

Wordpress Theme - Kimoyo

Wordpress Theme - Kimoyo

ok…that time I know, he (my husband) will ask me to make change to kimoyo theme. And at that time, I got an illfill to continue or touch the mockup again.

But the next day, I try to change the color and make little different. But like ussual, I know I have to make a big change to the layout. So i close my Adobe Illustrator and take a rest, prepare my mood to make a new theme.

So I start making the new mockup at the next day. Alhamdulillah…when my husband return home, i have finished making the mockup, and bang hen really like the mockup that Io made.   23And here you are the mockup. I haven’t gave the theme name. This is a difficult layout you know. I have more difficulties in making the css style. But it almost finish this day. But I still have to make the different layout for the single page based on the index page. And for portofolio, maybe I have to add some style for the tag img. FIuh…it’s  a long coding I think.

Wordpress Theme - Black One, Haven't Give it Name Yet

Wordpress Theme - Black One, Haven

OH YA! And I change the penalette’s logo. But this is an unofficial website for penalette. So this is still not the final result for the logo. We’ll wait until from penalette make their own announcement. Psst..Actually, I still have a plan to change it.So just wait and see. :P

Insya Allah ya.


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