Drawing, Editing, Writing…

October 30, 2008

This week, i’ve completed many things, including writing articles for muslimah.or.id with topic about wudhu for muslimah. And to complete the article, i’ve drew some illustration. Actually, i want to show it here. But right now, i’m using my husband’s laptop and i’m to lazy to turn on the cpu on and do many things to upload it here. So..just wait the article from being corrected by Ustad Aris and when the article published at muslimah.or.id, i’ll told it here, insya Allah.

I’ve finished my design in making wordpress theme for penalette.com alhamdulillah. And i think it’s my record to accomplish it in about 4 days. Well, 5 days actually. One day was for making the mockup for penalette.com. And this is for the last design. Actually, i have….mmm…i’ve made four mockups or so for penalette.com. The first design was so grungy.  The second design was so futuristic. And the third design just has a little different with the second one. The fourth design..what is it call…just the trans from second design.

On April, i’ve started to make the style css code for the second design. But i wasn’t satisfied with the mockup. So i left it.

Just see my design at penalette.com. But today, my husband hasn’t upload it yet. May be tomorrow insya Allah.


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