October 23, 2008

Finally… i have finished my design for penalette …well…how i explain this. Penalette got project from donatbakar and they asked me to do that job. Let’s say that i’m currently work as a freelancer but almost my whole projects are from penalette. This situation is caused by internal condition at penalette. Actually, they want to hired me as a fixed worker. But…ya..just like i told you before. It’s because the internal condition that i couldn’t say it here.

Back to my topic…well…actually, i haven’t done it yet totally. I still have problem in placing the right code for search’s layer. And i can’t found the best solution this day. I hope i can finish it tomorrow insya ALlah. And satria will send the invoice to donat bakar this week. And…of course, i hope i can get the fee this week too. :P

This is the temporarly appearance for


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